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About the Pigskin Predictor

What It Is

The Pigskin Predictor is a powerful software tool developed to predict the outcome of both college and professional sporting events. The program uses data analytics involving efficiency, tempo, and probability to tabulate final scores that are then compared against the Vegas Point Spread and Total.

What It Isn't

The Predictor is highly accurate, often beating the Vegas Odds 53-57% of the time. The Predictor is not, however, a crystal ball. I encourage potential bettors to employ solid money management strategy and avoid "betting the farm" on what one might perceive to be the "lock of the century." Monitoring line movement, lineup changes, and other essential elements of online sports betting strategy should be employed as well.

Live scores and up-to-the-minute sports betting lines are available 24 hours a day on this site as well, courtest of!

What Sports Does It Analyze

The Predictor has several winning seasons of college football and college basketball under its belt. Major League Baseball will be available in early to mid June. Women's Tennis picks will also be available during select tournaments throughout the year. Keep checking back, as I look to add the NBA and the NFL to the Predictor's repertoire.

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